Medical Devices Company

Problem: Canadian operation losing money and providing poor quality product. Headquarters office felt closing the Canadian office and servicing the business from the U.S. was the solution but wanted an impartial analysis.

Action: Research with Canadian customers indicated a strong preference for Canadian-made product. Customer service was viewed as very good and manufacturing quality/turnaround time was the issue. Further analysis revealed that the GM and VP-Manufacturing had performance and relationship issues. Recommendation made to eliminate those positions, turn over leadership to Director of Manufacturing, VP-Finance and Director of Sales, and establish 10 specific financial, quality and customer satisfaction performance measure

Results: All 10 goals achieved by the 6-month mark … most importantly, the return to profitability. Operation was continued in Canada and subsidiary remains a strong business unit to this day. “[DSR Consulting] is an extremely valuable and hard-working business resource. They are exceptionally well organized and knowledgeable and astute marketers. They were instrumental in creating the first strategic business plan for us.”

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