Hospital Services Association

Problem: Association very dependent on the sale of hospital services (over 60% of revenue) but previous attempts to grow this business segment were unsuccessful. Consultant brought in to analyze business and recommend change.

Action: Two key issues identified – the lack of a disciplined, customer-focused approach to services marketing and the lack of comfort with the kind of business development activities required for growth. We then created a new marketing planning process for the organization, applied it to two key service offerings, and then trained the leaders and staff on how to use the process. Also conducted marketing and sales training workshops to increase comfort with needed business development skills, developed new cross-selling approach, and created clear competitive positioning statements for each service.

Results: Organization embraced new process and continues to use it, now some 3 years later. “Your development of a new marketing planning and sales process and the training of our staff on how to use it left us in great shape to execute. The marketing plan you did for [healthcare services product #1] is solid. [Services product #2] is already performing better with more new business.”

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